Therapy & Psychoeducation Services

Psychotherapy is a form of counseling that provides opportunities for people to examine their life experiences, consider new meanings and understandings, while also establishing new approaches to problem solving and decision making. In your work with Dr. Knopes, you can expect to be listened to, respected, and encouraged.

Dr. Knopes’ counseling style is based on the cognitive-behavioral school of psychology. This orientation is based upon the knowledge that our feelings are dynamically related to our thoughts and the language we use to describe our experiences. By learning to be aware of this “self talk,” people can learn to challenge any distortions in thinking, change their perceptions, and gain new, healthier interpretations of previously upsetting situations, people or circumstances. Thus, by learning to think differently, clients are able to better control their feelings and behavior.

Dr. Knopes’ approach to counseling is primarily short term, educational and solution focused. Counseling is considered a collaborative experience in which the client and the therapist actively seek to establish new and more effective patterns of thinking and feeling. Success is measured by the extent that the client is able to develop more resilience in coping with problems, a higher level of competence in all areas of life, and the increased confidence that comes from augmented independence.

Counseling sessions are typically scheduled as 50-minute meetings. If the client wishes to continue with on-going sessions, these are usually arranged as weekly sessions for whatever period is appropriate. Some clients will seek a one-time session, while others meet with their therapist weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as determined by the client and counselor. Treatment exercises will give insight into the symptoms, beliefs, and behaviors that are limiting healthy living. Journaling and workbook exercises are regular parts of therapy and are designed to help you remain focused on treatment goals throughout your weekly routine. Patients have utilized counseling services to effectively address a wide range of personal concerns. Links to more information on common referral topics are provided in the menu bar to the left.

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